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Eilujenna Art

Hi, I am Eilujenna and I'm starting in the field of illustration. I am passionate about animals, fantastic creatures and Japanese culture and this reflects in my drawings. I want to make people smile with cute and funny pictures.

Before studying at the College Salette in the Illustration program in 2021, I did a bachelor degree in Asian Studies, from 2017 to 2020, at Université de Montreal, focusing my classes on the culture and history of asian countries. Throughout my studies, I continued to draw in my spare time. However, it was during a manga class that I decided to follow my passion for illustrating.

Now that my training has ended, I want to invest myself in this passion. I would particularly like to draw illustrations in children's books and novels, as well as make tourist maps. I draw a lot with colored pencils, but I love trying all mediums. Someday, if possible, I would also like to work on projects that would combine my passion for Asia and illustration.


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Eilujenna Art

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By phone: 514-793-2217

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